Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flight 2-12-2011 - Rising Fawn

Nice flying here at Lookout yesterday. Scott and I blazed down to Rising Fawn crossing high over Cloudland Canyon. The air was relatively smooth with nice fat thermals to carry us up. I think I averaged 500fpm on most. We topped out about 4,000+ and the visibility was unlimited. I love the days when I can see Big Frog and the Appalachians so clearly.

My new camera mount worked out well with my heavier Nikon camera. I was a bit nervous about hanging 3lbs 6 feet off the nose, but with the counter-balance it flew nicely. I even managed to keep the camera off the ground on landing :). I set the timer to shoot every 30 seconds and came up with a few shots that I liked.

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Alex Cuddy said...

yo muchacho! good to hear from ya!! hope to fly with ya in florida!!