Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flying 7-20-09

Ricker and I had a fun flight yesterday. We knew we were launching late for a good XC but decided to go anyway. We found base around 6K and headed over the back of Lookout. I have only been this way a few times so I was enjoying the rare scenery.

We landed at Berry College in Rome, GA in a huge university cow pasture. Ricker had a camera and got some pics. Maybe he'll send some to post.

Airtime about 2hours
45 miles

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Head in the Clouds

The other day I noticed low, puffy clouds starting to form early in the day. I did a few chores and decided to go for a flight. I went and asked Dave to tow me high above the soft monsters so I could get some pictures.

It turned out to be one of those really special days in the air. Thinking I was going for a short hop, I left my vario on the ground. The glide back down to cloudbase was calm and relaxing. Then, below cloud base, I noticed the air was active and I started playing with the lift going back up. It was so effortless and the scenery was breath-taking. I glided around the entire valley at or above cloudbase, with only the sound of the wind. I was glad my vario, and it's sometimes annoying beeps, were on the ground.

It would have been a great XC day but the base was so low. Maybe 2000 over launch. Well, I put together a little video from the flight. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hang Gliding Pics

I was going through the old vault today and found some pictures I thought I should bring back. Maybe more to come....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This means WAR!

It's the fourth of July, and it's almost time to try and blow up my friends again. This will be the third or fourth year in a row.

In years past the towboys at the north end of the field put cardboard armor around there golf cart with little peep holes cut out to see through, and larger holes to shoot out of. They get ready and do a "drive by" attacking us at our "base", a huge Ford Econoline.

They come by with their little rockets and think they're having fun until they see a fuse sparkling down into the barrel of a homemade bazooka mortar launcher aimed just in front of their path. Who's laughing NOW!

We made the bazookas out of pvc pipe, tape, paint, and the desire to do stupid stuff. I know it seems dangerous, but we do put a "little" thought into safety.
As you can see in this picture, the side of my launcher blew apart when the round failed to leave the barrel, blowing up in my hands. But, since I had lined the back of the tube with aluminum from a beer can, the blast was directed away from me. See.......Safety!!
Check out the picture below up close and you can see our Econoline under assault.

Well, we have just recieved information that the higher ups around here aren't so keen on the whole war thing. Says it's too dry or something.... Maybe we'll just have a roman candle duel. Light it and then 15 paces. However it goes, I think we'll have a good time. It's nice to sit back and watch fireworks also.