Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More from the vault

My "anonymous" buddy Scott complained a bit about the fact that I don't post enough on the ole' blog. So, I decided to put up some more pics from the vault. The first one is of Scott and was taken just after his first successful paraglider tree landing. Be sure and check out his new blog at fun with the shutter speed and a keychain light.The hard part is over...This is probably the grossest tatt I've ever seen (not mine)A shot from the new bird. Lift-off of a new rocket with my oldest son.Running under low, thick clouds on my way to the point in Chattanooga.Poor feller....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come to a Comp!

I have posted a link to the U.S. competitions and dates to the right of this posts, check it out. To me, a hang gliding comp is the ultimate adventure. Flying XC over beautiful, foreign landscapes and then getting a ride back to your hotel is something else. Meeting the best pilots in the country/world and getting to fly with them is invaluable and can teach you more in one week than in a whole year of regular flying. I was very intimidated by comps before I attended my first one but if you are a decent spot lander, can aerotow well, and can keep your wits about you, you will do fine and fly safe. Most places I have flown in competition have more/larger cross-country LZ's than my local sites do. If you like XC flying, this is for you.

Let me know if you are interested in going with me, the more the merrier. Most of them are adding a sport class category. Here are a few shots I have taken during some competitions.
Lake in west Texas
Waiting for a tug in south Florida
Enjoying the view in southern Arizona
Chasing Jeff Obrien towards a nice storm in Texas.
Oil rigs in Texas